Who is Khan Sir Patna? Know about their increasing popularity 2020-21

Khan Sir Patna- Why Khan Sir is becoming popular on the Internet?Khan GS Research Center

These days, videos of Khan Sir are being shared widely on social media. Among the trending people, he has been a very popular person. After all, who is this Khan Sir? Why are their videos so popular? How did they make their place in social media? Come learn about Khan Sir and his growing popularity.

Khan Sir Patna is the founder of Patna’s largest coaching institute “Khan GS Research Center”. This institute prepares for entrance examination of government jobs. These institutes in Patna are considered to be the best for UPSC, UPPCS, BPSC, BSSC, UPSSSC, SSC, Bank, Rly, Airforce coaching. Khan sir himself prepares for general studies. Khan sir is quite famous in Patna and all over Bihar. He was very popular among his students.

Khan Sir Patna has been running a coaching institute in Patna for a long time. In April 2019, he opened a channel on YouTube – named “Khan GS Research Center”. Now this channel has become the reason for Khan sir’s popularity all over India. In just one month, their YouTube channel added 10 lakh subscribers. 10 lakhs, in 1 month !!! There will be hardly any channel of education channel growing so fast. You can guess yourself on the specialty of Khan sir. As of today, they now have 22 lakh subscribers.

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This is the specialty of Khan sir. They understand the most difficult thing easily. Regardless of the background, you can understand their studies very quickly. There is a passion to teach in them, which is seen in their videos. This passion attracts people of any class. There is a simplicity in their videos. They give importance to knowledge rather than language. They believe that no language makes you successful or unsuccessful, it makes you knowledge. This is what people like best. They have the power to tell any subject in full detail in Hindi language easily.

Whether you are a person of any category – youth, escape or elder, you will definitely like their videos. This is like an addiction, once seen, you will not be missed!

Some other features of Khan Sir and his new online learning mobile app I have covered in my blog toparch. Read my article to see the funny things related to them and some popular videos of them.
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