What is Refurbished products?

Refurbished products in India

If you are shopping online from Flipkart, Amazon etc.,Then you will see a new option called Refurbished, in which many refurbished products are priced less than new products. Many large online shopping stores in India are also selling refurbished products. Let’s know what is this refurbished, what is the difference between a refurbished mobile phone and a second hand phone.


What is the meaning of refurbished? |
Refurbished products are mostly gadgets or electronic products which after sale are returned to the seller due to minor faults or for any other reason or are sold by the old owner, after which they are sold by the retailer or manufacturers. Checks are repaired and everything is checked and made available for sale back in a new phone-like condition.

But it is not necessary that there has been a defect in the refurbished product before, despite being good many times they do not sell the product due to any reason or the customer returns after poor packaging or unbox, such products can also be sold later in the refurbished store. Let’s go.

Nowadays more electronics products and gadgets such as Refurbished Mobiles, Refurbished Laptop, TV can be purchased.

Difference between Used (Second Hand) and Refurbished Difference Between Used vs Refurbished Products

The difference between a used product or a Second Hand product and a refurbished one is that some of the quality tests are also carried out and available with warranty before making these products available for sale. That is, buying refurbished from used products can be better.

The refurbished product is available at a lower price than the new product and can be found in the same condition as the new product. While use products are found in most used conditions.

What are certified refurbished mobiles? Certified Refurbished Mobile in Hindi

What is Refurbished mobile?

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If you want to get a mobile phone then you usually have two options, either you can get a new phone which costs more because it is completely new and for the first time, or you can take a second hand mobile The price will be low but it will be old. Which may have some scratches and no warranty.

But now a third option is also available which is Certified Refurbished Mobile

Certified Refurbished mobile phones are phones that may have some problem or manufacturing defect at first, such as software or hardware problem displays, speakers, batteries, etc. that are made to be resold by making necessary improvements and reselling after a quality test .

In the refurbished product, it is difficult to find out whether there must have been a problem in it or there would have been no problem.

The refurbished product is thoroughly tested. Refurbished products are graded on the basis of their quality and their price may be less.

Unboxed Product – These types of products are in like-new condition, which have not yet been used. There are no scratches on it. The warranty on this is also more and it can be found with original accessories.

A Grade Refurbished – This type of product is rarely used before, but there are very few scratches on it. It is also in very good condition and the warranty is also long.

B Grade Refurbished – These products are used first, they are scratched a bit. It is also available in warranty.

C Grade Refurbished – These products are highly used, so they can have scratches and small dents. But quality tests are done on these and some months warranty is also available.

Along with the product sold on the refurbished store, information about his condition is given, which grade he is refurbished and its price is determined based on it.

Some things to keep in mind before buying refurbished items.

Buy refurbished products from a good store, Reputed online store or offline store. See information about that product, when it has been manufactured, what accessories will be available with the product, how many are the scratches on the product. Know about the Return or Replacemnet policy and warranty of the product.

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