What is IOT? Internet of things

IOT or Internet of Things technology is gaining much popularity worldwide.

internet of things
iTechnology is advancing at a very fast pace and internet is available with everyone at this time.

Nowadays most people have a smartphone, which definitely has internet. Now, apart from the Internet, new things are being heard from place to place about the Internet of Things. At this time, Internet of Things technology is affecting our lives from all sides.

It is a technique that can make many of our tasks easy and automated.

Let’s know what is Internet of Technology? Next we will learn about the meaning, advantages, disadvantages etc. of IoT.

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IoT or Internet of Things is a large network or a system of devices connected to each other. The devices connect to the IoT Platform via the Internet.

Devices connected to the Internet of Things collect data, as well as share with each other and consume it. In this way, these devices are able to perform many useful functions with their features and many things are done automatically without human intervention.

All this is done with the help of sensors installed in those devices and a complete Internet of Things environment is created.

Meaning of IoT

The full form of IoT is ‘Internet of Things’. According to its name, it is the Internet of Things, the ‘Internet of Things’.

Earlier only computers, laptops, related devices and mobile phones were connected to the Internet, but with Internet of Things, many things are connecting to the Internet.

Internet of Things is a platform in which things that can be used in our everyday life such as mobile phones, electronic devices, cars etc. can be connected.

In this way, many devices, sensors, cars, machines, things that work every day combined with internet connectivity and data can change the way we work or live.

Devices with Internet of Things technology have an IP address. Internet of Things device has many smart features. When you connect Light and AC through IoT, you can control it from the smartphone.

These devices are interdependent on each other for their features in the Internet of Things platform.

IoT comes in many different types of Smart Device, which includes everyday use devices, security devices, entertainment, mechanical, automobile etc. category devices.

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Internet of Things has advantages in our everyday life and in the field of business, some of which are as follows.

You can easily get data and information from any place even when you are far away from your place. This is possible because the device is connected to the network.

Better communication is possible through devices connected to the network, communication between these devices is transparent, which reduces the possibility of fault.

In a place where the machines work, communicating with the machine through IoT, resulting in more convenient and faster production. Internet of Things is very beneficial in business or industries.

This new technology is making automation easier. With the help of Internet of Things, it can be done faster and without any external help.

Loss or danger of Internet of things


Although many benefits of IoT are coming out, but according to experts, like every new technology, it may also have some adverse effects or dangers.

Everything connected to the Internet is at risk of being hacked and the equipment of the Internet of Things is no different.

Although security will certainly be there, but there is always a possibility that hackers can enter the IoT system and target the data. There is a high risk of leaking of confidential data going through the network.

According to experts, if everything is connected to the Internet, then there can be danger of surveillance. Privacy can become a big question with the development of IoT.

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Due to a complex and mixed network there is always a possibility of malfunction. A loophole can also cause the entire system to stop, affecting everyone.

In the coming times, due to IoT and Automation, we can become more dependent on technology even for small tasks, which causes laziness and other physical problems.

Hope you have liked this information about Internet of Things.

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