What is beta version? WhatsApp beta version

What is  Beta Version?

Today we use many apps on our smartphone. Many useful features are given in these apps. But you must have seen that an app such as WhatsApp or Pubg Game has its features first released in a beta version app. After all, what does Beta Program, Beta Phase or Beta Version of a software mean and what is Whatsapp Beta Version? Let’s know about it.

Beta Version Meaning

Beta Version means a first version of a program or application that has many new features, but is not complete. Sometimes this version is only available for a select few or is available for the general public. This version is provided for testing and receiving feedback.

This is the second major process in development, which takes place before fully releasing. That is, it is a pre-release version of the general release of a product or software that is given for viewing using a large set of logos.

It goes through alpha testing before beta testing, which looks normal and looks like a final product. There are changes in the design in this. This is done by developers to test the usefulness of the Alpha Testing product.

Beta testing is also done with the creation of software, as developers are very close to their product. A company or developer usually releases a beta version when their product is ready with features but may have some bugs. These bugs are visible only when a large number of users use them.

The main purpose of Beta Testing is to test the merit of your product on different types of networks and hardware, with suggestions from different groups of consumers.

Generally, a product in beta phase has many bugs or system flaws. This is then worked on, rectified and the actual product launched as a clear result.

Launching a product directly without the Beta Phase may cause some performance-related or other problems. Which can cause negative reactions from the user. That is why the first beta version is released.

what is WhatsApp beta version?

Whatsapp beta versionWhatsapp beta version

WhatsApp beta version is a version developed by WhatsApp itself, in which some new features are made available for testing. This beta version of WhatsApp contains features that are not previously released in the normal WhatsApp version. WhatsApp Beta Version is released to test these new features. Users or beta testers share their suggestions with developers using this WhatsApp beta version. WhatsApp Beta Version can be downloaded from PlayStore by registering for Beta Tester. This gives you Early Access as a beta version of an app or game.

Hopefully you have got this information about what is the beta version. For any other information or question you can comment below.

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