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What is Android? You will find full information about the current version of Android, the current version of Android.

Smartphones are being used all over the world. We run different types of apps in our smartphones, which have their own special features.

Have you thought about how all these apps work on smartphones and what is Android? .

After the arrival of Android, the mobile phone has turned into a smartphone, in which apps can do many tasks.

Today, if you go to the market to buy a mobile phone or look online, then you will see the most mobile phone Android Os.

Android liked the logo from the beginning and has become increasingly popular worldwide.

What is Android?

Android is an operating system (OS) created by Google for touchscreen devices such as mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices. Most mobile phones in the world run on Android Operating System only.

Android is an Open Source Operating System. Whatever Apps or Apk file is in Android Smartphone, it runs on the Android Operating System in that mobile.

The Android operating system is based on Linux Kernel. It is an Open Source Software.

Current version of android |
Currently the current version of Android in 2019 or the latest version is’ Android 10 ′ (Android Q). It has been first released for Google’s Pixel phone. Soon this upgrade will also come in other smartphones.

What is Android

Android New Logo
Android New Logo

In 2019, there has been a change in Android’s LOGO. This new logo has only the head part of the green robot. The word Android, written with the logo, has also changed from green to black.

History of android
Android dates back long, when the word smartphone was not even heard.

Android’s founder is Andy Rubin, who created Android in 2003. Android is their nickname.

Andy Rubin was very interested in robots, due to which his colleagues gave him Android nickname.

Andy Rubin, along with his colleagues, created Android for a better operating system for digital cameras.

But later it was seen that the market of Digital Camera is not that big, after this project was changed for the operating system of Mobile Phone.

Andy Rubin by Android Inc. , Which was a software company, which Google later bought in the year 2005. After this, Andy Rubin and other members inside Google started working on Android.

In 2008, the world’s first Android phone was introduced. It was HTC’s first Android mobile phone, known as HTC Dream and T-Mobile G1.

After this, Android became popular with other smartphones and new version updates, and in the face of its popularity, other competing mobile OSes like Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Phone, WebOS etc. lagged behind.

In today’s time, only Apple’s iOS is a major competitor of Android in the smartphone operating system.

Apart from Android phones, nowadays Android TV has also come, many smart televisions have been given Android operating system. Mobile phones of Android operating system, Smart Watch, tablet, Android TV etc. are available.

Mobile phones coming with Android smartphones in the market are available in everyone’s budget, which includes low-cost Android phones and premium Android phones with higher prices are also liked by the people.

What is the Android version?

What is Android?

Android Version List
Android Version 

Google has been bringing Android New Version from time to time, with new features and new changes and improvements. First it comes in Beta Version, after that it is released completely.

The new Android Security Patch Level is also updated with the latest version of Android.

How to update android How to update Android version Hindi
All smartphone companies keep on giving some new updates to their phones, with some system updates and Android version upgrades. If your smartphone brand has released a new update, you can download it to your phone. You can check whether a new Android update has come to your phone or not.

First of all go to the settings of your phone.
After this, go to the option about.

After that go to System Updates and touch on Check for updates.
If a new update has come, then its information and the option to update will be shown.
After this, go to the Update Now option and download the update and install the package in your phone.
In some phones, this update option is given below or similar names like software update, phone update etc.

Every Android version since the beginning of Android has been named after sweet items like chocolate, cake or sweets and has been discontinued from Android 10. So far, the names of all the new versions that have come in Android are given below.

Android version list and name |
Android 1, 1.1 – no name
Android 1.5 – Android Cupcake
Android 1.6 – Android Donut
Android 2.1- Android Eclair
Android 2.2 – Android Froyo
Android 2.3 – Android Gingerbread
Android 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 – Android Honeycomb

Android 4.0 -Android ice cream sandwich
Android 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 – Android jellybean
Android 4.4 – Android KitKat
Android 5.0, 5.1 – Android Lollipop
Android 6.0 – Android Marshmallow
Android 7.0, 7.1 – Android Naugat
Android 8.0, 8.1 – Android Oreo
Android 9 – Android Pie
Android 10 – Android 10 (Android Q)

Android 1, 1.1
Android 1

The earliest version of Android was at the time of the launch of the Android operating system. It was not given any specific name, it was known from Android 1 itself. In this, apps of other Google services like Google Map, Gmail, YouTube, HTML browser etc. were given.


Android 1.5 Cupcake
Android cupcakes hindi

This new version came a few months after the first version of Android, which offered some new features. It featured Screen Rotation feature. The hardware keyboard replaced the new on-screen virtual keyboard and third-party keyboard was supported. The Android version was also named ‘Android Cupcake’. With Android Cupcake, the first Android version was named after a Sweets name.

Android 1.6 Donut

Android Donut

The next version of Android was named Donut. Quick Search Box was introduced in Android with Android Donut. In this version, apart from 320 × 420, Android came with support for different screen resolutions and aspect ratio devices. It had Android Market, similar to today’s Google Play, in which third party free and Paid apps were available.

Android 2, 2.1 Eclair

Android Eclair

With this version Android came a new Google Map Navigation, which has many features like Free Turn by Turn Direction, Voice guidance. Live Wallpapers were introduced in Android Eclair. In this version, the Speech-to-text feature was given, in which whatever you would say was typed on pressing the microphone icon in the keyboard.

Android 2.2 Froyo

Android froyo

In this version, Portable Hotspot has come to Android so that you can convert the phone from Tethering to a Wifi Hotspot. In this version, new functions could be used in Android through voice such as setting alarms with your voice, making notes, search, directions etc. Many things started to happen. Android’s performance improved with Android Froyo. A new Dalvik JIT complier was introduced in this version, which made the performance in the CPU bound code 5 times better. In this version, JavaScript performance was also improved with the introduction of new JavaScript engine in Android Browser.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread
Android Gingerbread version
Android Gingerbread

In this version, NFC support (Near Field Communication) was launched in Android, in which information can be exchanged by bringing two devices closer. With Android Gingerbread you could see where the battery in your device is said and how much is being used. App developers could create 3D games with better graphics with the Gaming API in this version.

Android 3, 3.1, 3.2 Honeycomb
Android Honeycomb
Android Honeycomb

This Honeycomb version of Android was made for tablets, which gave a better experience of watching videos, reading books, maps etc. Android Honeycomb debuted on-screen navigation control with new system bar. With the advent of new quick settings, information of Time, Date, Battery etc. could easily be seen in one place.

Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich
Android Ice cream sandwich
Android Ice Cream Sandwich

The new Data Usage Control has come in this version, in which you can see how much data is being used in your mobile. It can stop data service by setting warning and data limit. In Android Ice cream Sandwich version, you can place a different app in it by creating a folder on Android’s home screen and with Tray Widget you can see the live content of an app on the phone’s homescreen. In this, with the new Android Beam, two phones can share content from NFC without any pair or app, in which only touch can send content such as apps, videos, music etc.

Android 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 Jellybean
Android Jellybean
Android Jellybean

With this version, google now assistant was given in Android. In this version, you can also see more information about it with notifications and you can also answer it directly from the option. With Android Jellybean, you can create separate accounts of different users in the tablet, in which different homescreen and apps can be kept.

Android 4.4 kitkat
Android KitKat
Android KitKat

The new Ok Google Assistant has arrived in Android KitKat, in which this feature can be started by just saying OK Google without touching your phone screen and can send text, listen to songs, directions etc. In this, a new smart dialler has been given in which the contacts you use the most are in front. In this, the nearest place can be searched directly from the dialler.

Android 5, 5.1 lollipop
Android Lollipop
Android Lollipop

With this version Android got a new design and look, its design was made so that the phone could be run smoothly. Notifications could only be viewed on the lockscreen, in which the message could be viewed and repaired on the lockscreen itself.

Android 6 Marshmallow
Android marshmallow hindi

With this version, you could use Google Assistant while running any app by holding the home button in Android. With this, the option of giving or not giving permission to any app in your device also started. In this version, optimization has been done to improve the battery.

Android 7, 7.1 Naugat
Android Naugat
Android Naugat

With this new update of Android, apps need less space. Talking about some new features coming in this update, in it, two apps from Split mode can be viewed and used simultaneously on the screen. New VR mode with which Virtual Reality can be experienced in Android phones. With the introduction of Data Saver, apps in the background cannot access the phone’s Internet data. Some quick features can be used by holding the icon of an app without opening the app. Apart from this, more new features were seen in this update.

Android 8, 8.1 Oreo
Android Oreo
Android Oreo

In this update, picture in picture mode has been given, in which when you are watching a video in an app, by pressing the home button, the video shortens and plays in a corner and you can do the rest of your work in the phone. There is unread notification in an app in the notification dot, then a dot appears above the icon of the app. Apart from this, some small and major changes were made to Android in this update.

Android 9 Pie
Android Pie
Android Pie

In Android Pie, new Gesture navigation has been given, in addition to the normal 3 button navigation, navigation can also be done by swiping. It has an App Timers feature, through which the Daily Time Limit can be set on an App. Apart from this, Do Not Disturb, Adaptive Battery, Brightness etc. are available.

Android 10 (Android Q)
Android 10 Q
Android 10

This version of Android is currently available in the Beta version for the developer. Earlier everyone was wondering what the name of the new version will be this time, but recently Google informed that this new version of Android will be known as Android 10. With this version, now the Android version has been closed in the name of sweet items

Privacy has become much better in Android 10 with new security features. It officially comes with system-based Dark Mode or Dark Theme, it can be started and stopped with Quick Settings. It has already given full Gesture Based Navigation in place of the three-button navigation system, it will be able to use the old navigation by changing it. It has a new Focus Mode, so that distracting apps can be disabled.

What is the stock Android version?

Stock Android, also called Pure Android, is a version of the Android operating system that is not modified or has a custom UI installed on it. Only the user interface of Android version is available in it.

What is Android Go Edition?

Android Go is a version of Android, which is designed for early range specifications and low RAM smartphones. Android Go takes less space in the smartphone than regular Android. Its first version was made on Android Oreo and now the latest version is made on Android Pie.

What is Android One?

Android One, which is given in some phones, gives the experience of stock Android. The mobile company does not customize this version, it comes from Google. Android One phones get Android operating system updates and upgrades and new security patches for at least 2 years.

What is Android Studio?

Android Studio is an official IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Android App Development. Where Android Developer builds an app. It is also a part of Android Development.

Frequently asked questions about Android – Android FAQ

What is Android ?

In the word Android, Android means a man in Greek and Droid means a robot, meaning the word Android means a human-like robot.

What is the new version of Android?

The new version of Android is Android 10 (Android 10).

What is Android  Full Form?

Android does not have a full form, it is a complete word.

Who discovered Android?

Android was invented or invented by Andy Rubin along with his peers.

A lot of new things are going to come in Android later. Android has many features that make it much better than other operating systems.

In the field of mobile operating systems, Android has changed the whole world of mobile phones. Hopefully now you have got the information about what is Android. How did you feel about Android? Please tell in the comment below.


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