What is a career in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is growing like crazy

Now, you might be thinking — “Should I pursue digital marketing? It seems like a broad topic. It also seems like the marketing industry is already supersaturated, so there’s no point in me trying to get a career.

The world of marketing opens a lot of doors — not just for you, but also for your employer. If you’re willing to explore a world of possibilities within the marketing world, then read on.

You’re right, there are a lot of digital marketers out there. What’s more there are so many digital platforms, ads, blogs, and social media accounts that a lot of people are starting to say that digital marketing is no longer worth looking into. Well, they’re wrong.

Here are the stats so far.

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And these are just some of the statistics that you can find on Mobile Marketer, that show how quickly digital marketing is growing.

According to a study done by We Are Social and Hoot suite, there were 7.7 billion Internet users in February 2019 — and that number is only growing. As technology develops, we find more users turning to the Internet to solve problems, learn new things, create social connections, and just have fun.

Think of it when was the last day you didn’t use your phone to look for something online or watch something on YouTube?

So even though there is so much content online, there are more people who will want to see it.

Digital marketing is growing like crazy. It’s getting bigger and better every year. That also means that there are a lot of digital marketers but also a huge demand for marketers who know what they’re doing.

Because digital marketing is changing so quickly, businesses want

marketers who will be able to promote their products or services in many different ways — and not just one channel.

So how is the digital marketing working going to change?

digital marketing carries

1. More specialized jobs.

Digital marketing has been changing the playing field for so many businesses. With marketers engaging in various digital marketing activities — from email marketing to social media marketing — there has been a huge growth in revenue gained from the Internet.

But things are changing. According to a report from Cognizant (source), there are about 21 new marketing job types that will pop up in the next decade. Companies will start looking for Data Ethnographers, Purpose Planners, Sixth Sense Analysts, and Neuro A/B Testers, among others.

What do they do, you might ask? Well, they do a specialized for of marketing.

2. Changes in automation.

By changes, we mean everything will have some sort of automation. Right now, even social media marketing includes post automation — to make sure that posts go out during optimal times.

Moving forward, marketing automation will become more common, even standard in some industries.

3. Changes in techniques.

These are already changing. Before search engine optimizers cheated

search engines for quick results. For example, when search engine

optimization (SEO) first started, people would place “invisible” keywords on their websites to rank higher. They would do this by placing the keywords on their site, in whatever color their background was so that the words couldn’t be seen.

Such practices are now blacklisted and unusable. And there are more changes to come. Every year,Google comes out with so many algorithm

changes that it’s getting hard to keep up.

Social Media is also changing, in that platforms are getting more strict

about automation and content. For example, Instagram no longer allows an

account to “follow/unfollow” too many accounts in one day. Doing so will get you banned. Additionally, new digital platforms are starting to gain traction, meaning that marketers need to continue learning what users like (e.g. TikTok).

It used to be that users were okay with being bombarded with ads. That’s what they had on television, nice movies or TV shows with a few ads in between. Nowadays, users want more than just ads — and this trend is going to continue.

As the digital world changes and grows, people are starting to want stories. They want stories about the brand, telling them why the brand is relevant and why they should give them the time of day.

As Tom Fishburne said, “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

Today, more so than ever, people want stories that are relevant. Straight up are no longer as effective as they used to be, and this trend will continue.

These are just some predictions about changes in the digital marketing world. If you haven’t gotten the bigger picture yet, here it is: Digital Marketers will always be in demand — for whatever role a company needs or wants. Technology is changing the world, and it is our job to make statements that will be heard.

So, let’s revisit. Is digital marketing a good career? My answer is: I don’t know. It depends on what you want from life. If you want a simple job that never changes or grows, then maybe skip out on marketing.

As we’ve said, marketing will always change. Whether it’s specialization or new marketing tactics, nothing is set in stone.

If you want an experience that never stops changing, keeps growing, and

reaches people from all around the world, then maybe give digital marketing a try. Mind you, it’s not easy — but it is amazing once you get the hang of it.

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