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Pubg Mobile – Dosti Ka Naya Maidan is a web series coming from Maidan Pabg. Pabg has announced this new Original Web Series some time ago. This web series based on Pabg Mobile is going to release on digital platform. Let’s know about this web series of Pabg Mobile ‘Dosti Ka Naya Maidan.

Pubg Mobile – Dosti Ka Naya Maidan

Episode 1 Trailer

The trailer of episode 1 of this new web series of PUBG has been released. This new trailer of the upcoming episode 1 is of 55 seconds, which has been put on the YouTube channel of Pubg Mobile India.

Trailer of this web series built on the theme of Pubg Mobile has arrived. You must be aware that Pabg Mobile is the most popular Battle Royal game today.

There are a lot of people playing Pabg mobiles in India or those who want Pabg.

Pabg has always been bringing something new as a new update for his players.

Some time ago, Pubg released a new update of Pubg Mobile Pubg Mobile 0.16.0, now Pubg is bringing something new with this web series. This is the first Web Series to come from Pubg Mobile.

Pubg Mobile – Dosti Ka Naya Maidan Release date

This web series of Pabg will be released on 24 December. It is being streamed on the official YouTube channel of Pubg Mobile India.

Pubg Mobile Themed Web-series The new ground of friendship has been specially made for India, which has been made in Hindi. It is coming this Christmas and its Behind the scenes Shot is also going to be shown.

Its Star Cast is also from India, it tells about the story of the friendship of 5 pubic players.

PUBG has told that a new, fresh story is coming in every episode and this is the first time a Gaming company is bringing an original web series to its fans and community.

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