Pubg Mobile 0.16.0 New Update 2019

Pubg Mobile 0.16.0 New Update Every new update of Pubg Game always brings some new things i.e. new features. Pubg players always wonder when the new Pubg update will come. Let’s know when the new update of Pubg is coming? Here you will learn about the new features coming in Pubg Mobile New Update.

About Pubg Mobile New Update

Pubg Mobile

At this time, the new official update of Pubg Mobile has come to Pubg Mobile 0.16.0. You can update by going to the Playstore to get Pubg New Update. Some new features have come in this update, which we will talk about here.

Pubg Mobile 0.16.0 Update Features Details

Pubg Mobile

Many new features have been introduced in Pubg Mobile Update 0.16.0. In this update, Rage Gear Evo ground Mode has come, which is called Rage Gear. It will get new features in Classic Mode, in which Snow Paradise and Healing etc. are also given. Now TPP can be changed to FPP with one button while in the match. This button can be hidden or repositioned in the settings. In this new update, you will be able to do Healing while running, that is, you will be able to use things like Med kit, Painkillers, Energy Drink while walking. Speed ​​will decrease slightly when running using it. Apart from this, Bandage can be used automatically to increase health back.

Pubg Mobile 0.16.0 Update Size and Release Date

This new 0.16.0 update of Pubg has been available since December 11. Talking about this update size of Pubg Mobile, Android and iOS users whose phones already have Pubg Mobile Install will need about 0.67 GB of storage space for this update.

If you have a new version and your friend has an older version, then players will not be able to invite each other due to this different patches. That is why if you want to play team with your friends in Pubg, then all Teammates will have to update their Pubg Mobile first.


Pubg Mobile 0.16.0 Update Rewards

If you update PUBG before 17 December, then some free rewards are also going to be received from PUBG. Rewards will include 50 silver, 2888 BP and a 3-day winter dress.


Pubg’s new Evo ground mode Rage Gear

The new PUBG update provides a new Evo ground mode called Rage Gear, in which players will be divided into 2 Teams and they will be assigned any character from the driver or shooter.


To win in this Rage Gear Mode, the enemy’s car has to be destroyed. Each vehicle given by it will be equipped with powerful Weapons, including Mounted Gatling, Mounted Shotgun and Mounted RPG etc.


The driver will also get the Fire Weapon while driving. Also, Rage Gear-exclusive will be available for Distinctive Tactical Effect.


Rage  Gear – TDM mode


In this, the enemy’s car will have to be destroyed for 1 point and the team that achieves the Target Score will win.


Pick up mode


The team that accumulates the required number of Point Crates will win first. They will lose their accumulated Point Crates when the car is destroyed.


New Pubg Classic Mode Snow Paradise

A new Snow Paradise has also been given in this update. When players are in the queue of Erangle Map in Classic Mode, then they will get a chance to go to Snow Paradise.


Pubg Mobile 0.16.0 Snow update

Pubg Mobile

Once players reach the match, they can take a cable car from Snow Mountain and will be able to play Freestyle Snowboarding.


Pubg Mobile 0.16.0 Evo ground Load out Feature

A new Load out Feature has been added to Pubg Mobile 0.16.0. Players will now be able to enter the Armory system from the Team Death match Selection screen and go to the Inventory Screen to edit Weapons or Items in the match.


Load outs can also be easily changed now by going to Team Death match and at the time of Respawanning.

Different types of Weapon that you can use in Load out will increase with your Evo Level. Each Firearms has its own separate Mastery Level, which can be increased by the player to unlock more Achievements.

Apart from this, many features and improvements have been added to this Pubg Mobile 0.16.0 Update. You can update the content by visiting PlayStore.

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