Plagiarism Checker 2020

This is a really popular question asked in Blogging. This keyword has 4,50,000 monthly searches on Google.

This means displaying someone else’s work with their name.

In other words, by copying someone’s work or content, publish or popularize together with your name. within the blogging field, if you choose up content from another website or blog, publish it on your blog or website is named plagiarism.

Plagiarism checker is sort of an unfair work. to stop this, many steps are taken at different levels.

In SEO, we frequently say that we should always write unique content on our blog and will not copy from anywhere. Why can we say that?

All search engines understand the orignal work of anyone and while appreciating them, don’t rank websites with copied content and even give them penality.

Now you recognize that there’s no use of publishing copied content on your website, because you’ll be harmed by doing so.

Now we’ll mention plagiarism checking tools.

What are Plagiarism Checker Tools and why can we need them?

As you’ll have guessed, tools which will tell you whether your content is orignal or copied are called plagiarism checking tools. In today’s date, many such tools are avilable online, which may check whether you’ve got orignal content or copied with all the content on the whole Internet. If your content is copied, then it also tells you which of them website is copied from.

A good Plagiarism Checker tools has the subsequent features:

This allows you to enter the content in several ways. for instance , paste content into the text box, or upload text or document files.
It gives you leads to few seconds.
It also tells you that from where your content has been copied. (It tells you the URL of these websites)
What does Plagiarism Checker Tools require?
There are often many reasons for this, such as:

If you’ve got a blog or website on which you’ve got hired a content writer to write down content, then so as to see whether your content writer is copying content from somewhere, you’ll use the Plagiarism Checker tools can use

Likewise, you’ll check these tools to see the orignality of your content.
Is anyone else copying your orignal content, you’ll also determine by using these tools.

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Plagiarism checker tools are both free and premium. By the way, free tools offer you excellent results, but if you would like some premium features, then you ought to choose only premium tools.

Recommended Plagiarism Checker Tools

I will tell you about three plagiarism checking tools during this article. one among these may be a free tool and therefore the other two are premium.

SmallSEOTools Plagiarism Checker

When you do a Plagiarism checker search on Google, you get this first tool. this is often a well-liked free copied content checking tool.

In this, you’ll check whether your content is copied by entering the content within the text box. you’ll check the content of maximum 1000 words at a time. along side this, you’ll also check by uploading a Word document or a text document. it’s very easy to use it.

You can also import files from Google Drive or Dropbox.


Grammarly is essentially a grammar checking tool that gives an inbuilt but powerful plagiarism checker tool. But it only checks English content.

With the opposite two tools, you’ll check the content of any language.

This is a totally premium tool. once you write a content in it, you’ll check the copied content also by enabling the choice of checking plagiarism.

You use this tool for English content only. Use both of the opposite tools for any language content. they’re going to definitely do an excellent job.

This tool also will tell you where the content is copied from and the way much is copied, in percentage. this may also highlight copied text.

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