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1- The company started with its own 7.5 acre office.

2- The company has its own 5 TV channel license. Which has 3 on.

3-The company has 3 universities and 14 colleges.

4- The company has 42 cinema halls of its own.

5- The company has also made 6 movies. And right now the next movie with Amitabh ji and Shruti Haasan is also being made.

6- The company has the largest water park in Nepal.

7- The company has a vision of its hotels.

8- The company is also a member of Assocham.

9- Company P H D is a member of the Chamber. And it has 6 scientists and 21 scientists on its panel. That means there are 27 Scientists.

10- The company is coming with its 12 patented products.

11- The company is also a member of FDSA and IDSA.

12- The company is a member of the Retail Association of India.

13- The company currently has 300+ products.

14- The company has all types of products like Health Care, Personal Care, Food, Organic Fertilizer, Home Care and Kitchen Care.

OK Life Business Plan 2020

Registration is absolutely free. You can activate your ID from 500 BV depending on which product you take. If you take a health care product, then your ID becomes Paid in thousand rupees if you take an FMCG product. 12 13 Or can go up to 1500

1- Active Bonus
In any one month 2500BV on your left becomes 2500 BB in the right, then in the company you are entitled to take an active income. The company has given 2500: 2500 Matching BV Ka 1 point value with a minimum value of ₹ 300 whatever the maximum. Camping 120000 Monthly

2- Consistency Bonus
If you do a continuation bonus for 3 months 2500 BV matching, then you are entitled to get Consistency Bonus.
Here you get 200 rupees more on the same business, Camping 80000 Monthly

3- Super Active Bonus

50000: 50000 Bv When Matching, the company gives a lidseerip point which is valued at Rs 5000, No Caping
And if you do 50000 business continuously for 3 months, then your fourth income starts.

4- Car Fund
Here too, on the same 50000 Matching 5000 rupees the car fund starts No Camping and this 50000 BV if you make 3 months more match then your fifth income starts.

5- House Fund
Which has a point value of 5000 Rs No Caping

6- Flaxy (Sponsor) Bonus
Life time will come to 10% of the total income of people who direct sponsor with your ID. Right from the beginning.

Note- To get all the income, you have to purchase 500 BV every month on your ID. In simple purchase 1000 to 15000 between.

Plan in short/Oklife care business plan 2020

If you match 50000 BV in the first month then the bonus will be Rs 11000 / -.

After 3 months, a bonus of Rs. 19000 / – will be made on matching 50000 BV.

After 6 months, a bonus of 23000 / – will be made on matching 50000 BV.

Only 1.5 lakh both team Dubai trip 4 days 3 night

1 crore matching 15 + 10 = 25 lac range rover down-payment

business-plan 2019

Product list with All BV and Price.

Address: Opp. Hanuman Mandir and Milan Hotel Near SAI Mandir and Kharawar Police Post, Rohtak City Bypass, Rohtak, Haryana 124021

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